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Review WP GDPR Fix Pugin - WP GDPR Fix Gives The Broadest Compliance Scheme Of All Alternatives

Vendor: Cyril Jeet
Product: WP GDPR Fix
Launch Date: 2018-May-18
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $27

Important : Not Being GDPR Compliant Can Shut Your Business Down

Become Compliant Faster & Easier With This 
 Powerful Wordpress Plugin 

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The Easiest Path To GDPR Compliance
Save a Ton of Hassle.
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Pay Attention!
Every Website Needs To Be GDPR
Compliant Now!

imagesIf you haven’t been busy hiding under a rock in some mountain you’ve already heard about GDPR.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a new law passed by EU (European Union) that mandates every website to follow some requirements. The fine for violating these requirements is as high as $20 million. It's that crazy! Yeah!

Not only that, you might even be barred from serving any customer from EU ever again.

Don't Imagine You Can Afford That!

You’re working hard every day with a mission to grow and prosper, but suddenly one day a new weird law comes in and takes away all your business?

No, you can’t allow that to happen.

You can't afford to give your competition an edge on you.

Check #1 : Do you REALLY Need To Be GDPR Compliant?

  • If people from European union can visit and interact with your site, you need to be compliant.
  • If people from EU can sign up as leads on your site, or give you their data in any other way, you need to be compliant.
  • If your site makes use of any cookies or has any 3rd party integrations that uses cookies (Facebook pixel, analytics etc.)
  • It doesn’t matter whether you sell anything to EU people or not. If they can access, you gotta be compliant.

Your Business Depends on Your Decisions

Little Mistakes Can COST YOU BIG


Review WP GDPR Fix Pugin
If you’ve logged in lately into any big-name website. Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Basecamp, Freshdesk… Everyone, yes, everyone has updated their Terms of service and have made changes to the website according to the requirements of GDPR.

They’ve covered themselves, but have you?

If the answer is no, you’re running a serious risk.

GDPR does not require you to be a European citizen, or for you to be a European based business to find you guilty and impose a violation.

Nope, they can do it even if you’re located across the Pacific ocean and have absolutely no care what’s happening in France.

You don’t even have to sell anything to European customers.
If European people can surf your site (can you stop them?), you are liable to adhere to GDPR rules.

You can’t escape it either. Nope… Because like it or not, your country has a legal agreement about law enforcement with EU and all other larger countries. So you’ll have to face the consequences.

Here are the Consequences of not being 

GDPR compliant.

Fine of up to Europ 20 Million or 4% of your global revenue. Whichever is GREATER
Not being able to sell to customers from EU or serve them in any other way.
Not being able to monetize EU based customers through ads or other means.
Severe legal costs and hassles that will stop you from focusing on your business.

Does GDPR Sound Like a Nightmare?
It is! If You’re Not Compliant Today, You’re Not Ready For Business
  • The worst (or best if you’re an end-user) is that it pins liability on businesses of all sizes. Not just giants like Facebook and Google, but really small players like me and you too.
  • There’s no escaping GDPR, we HAVE to confirm. There’s NO OPTION. Not if you want to stay in business.
  • Everybody has to take the journey to GDPR compliance, no matter how small you are, no matter how difficult it is, and no matter how much effort it takes. If you’re running a business that’s online, you’ll need to be GDPR compliant.

  • Compliance on 7 Key GDPR Requirements
  • Works with your blog or any other custom implementation of Wordpress including e-com stores.
  • Just plug it in and set it up in less than 3 minutes for faster GDPR compliance.
  • Cookie consent prompt, along with Cookie longs and redirection.
  • Terms and conditions policy compliance gets your visitors consent to your T&C.
  • Privacy policy compliance creates consent requirement for your privacy policy.
  • Right to forget compliance lets you delete user data manually.
  • Or... Refuse to accept EU traffic on your site (Built in the plugin)

Right to data compliance lets you isolate and send any data you have on any user.
Data breach notification compliance lets you send global notifications in case of breach.
Data modification compliance lets you modify any data you have on the user.
WP GDPR Fix Pugin Bonus
See What Our Users Say
About WP GDPR Fix

Abhi Dwivedi

“GDPR is something you shouldn’t be taking lightly. And it’s a long list of compliances. With WP GDPR FIX, things get a lot easier for your blogs. With the ability to cover 7 compliances so easily and quickly, this plugin definitely makes life easier. I highly recommend it!”
Richard Butler

“This is a solution that will not only help with privacy policy pages etc but also allow you to manage the three aspects of modification of data, the right to be forgotten and data breaches.For me this plugin is an essential step in becoming more compliant with regards to GDPR”
Igor Burban

“When I first heard about GDPR, I thought that it would take me 6 to 8 hours to make all my sites compliant. If you don't want to waste hours of your own time, grab this plugin, get your sites compliant and forget about it.WP GDPR Fix is a must-have for all WP sites owners.”

We’ll be honest. WP GDPR Fix is NOT enough for you if you have a 100% custom implementation of Wordpress or you run a complicated piece of business that does a lot more than blogging, but it will take care of BIG CHUNKS of compliance requirements, making it easy for you to fill the rest!

If you're doing any of the following.
  • Running a blog on Wordpress with content on absolutely any topic.
  • Running your corporate site on Wordpress blog with content pages.
  • Grabbing leads from your Wordpress sites using any plugin or tool.
  • Accepting comments and messages on your Wordpress site.
  • Running a basic E-com store on Wordpress that’s using standard WP features.

Then WP GDPR Fix can really help you get compliant faster by filling in the bits that require the most amount of computation and coding work. It'll create the sections for you that will be very expensive and time consuming to re-create if you hired a team.

Check Out The WP GDPR Fix Demo & See
How It Protects Your Business
 WP GDPR Fix Pugin Tutorial

Don't Delay Compliance a Minute Longer
You Need GDPR Compliance No Matter
How You Use Wordpress

Content Marketers

Do you have EU visitors on your site and they interact with your articles, leave comments etc?

Do you have Facebook pixel or track your users in other ways?
Ecom Sellers

Do you let people create accounts on your site and share their emails or contact details?

Do you track people through cookies or pixels?
Affiliate Marketers

Do you grab leads on your site? Collecting people’s name and email?

Do you use analytics or Facebook pixels?
Do you run a website?

It doesn’t whether you sell on your website or not, or even if you don’t collect any data. If you have cookies and other features enabled on your site you will be liable for GDPR.

WP GDPR Fix Gives The Broadest
Compliance Scheme Of All Alternatives


Cookie Consent
Automatically informs your users about cookie use and gets their consent.


T&C Acceptance
Get T&C Consent from any visitor to the site. Take people automatically to your T&C Page.


Privacy Policy
Generate a Privacy Policy automatically & redirect people on auto and get consent.


Right To Be Forgotten
Collect right to be forgotten requests and automatically notify website owners / admin.


Data Access
Collect Data access requests and automatically inform admin.


Breach Notification
Sends data breach notification to all users as required by law.


Data Rectification
Collect data rectification request and update owners and administrator.


Refuse EU Traffic
If you want, just refuse EU traffic and redirect it elsewhere.

Make Your Business About Sales & Growth,
Not Legal Risks

  • Don’t invite unnecessary fines that run into millions when you gain absolutely nothing when you don’t comply.
  • Don’t suffer unnecessary scrutiny and investigation by government bodies.
  • Don’t attract bad publicity and negative press for not adhering to the rules.
  • Don’t risk major prosecution and serious consequences in case there’s ever a reported violation.
  • Don’t risk losing the entire traffic and business from EU just because you’re not compliant.

Compliance Secures Your Business & 
Puts It Ahead Today
  • Get a vote of confidence from EU visitors who trust you more.
  • Get more signups and sales from EU because you already confirm to the requirements.
  • Consent from your visitors protects you from dangerous litigation.
  • Confidently work with EU partners, individuals and companies cause you don’t expose them to any risk either.
  • Run your business with mental peace and focus back on the basics, not legal worries.

Yes, GDPR Compliance is So Much Easier With WP GDPR Fix

Take the easy way out, make compliance easier, much easier. Get WP GDPR Fix and show your business you care for it.

This is the most important investment you will make all year, because without this one investment you are putting all your other investment in your business and your site at risk.
Get compliant. Get WP GDPR Fix.

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Money Back Guarantee
  • Making up your mind is hard, especially when it’s a new technology that you haven’t tried yet. Well, we really want you to have the first mover’s advantage, and that’s why we are prepared to bear all the risk.
  • Here’s our guarantee!
  • Buy WP GDPR Fix, and use it for up to 30 days risk-free. If you don’t like what it does for you and your business, just us know within 30 days through a support ticket at and we will refund you 100% of the money!

Support Guarantee
WP GDPR Fix Pugin Oto
Bad support can destroy your investment and happiness. When you buy from Teknikforce you get the guarantee of good quality support.

24 x 7 Live Chat Support Guarantee
We have 24 x 7 chat support here. Yes, if you ever have any issues using SiteContact, just come to this website and talk to our live support agent. We are always here to guide you.

24 Hours Ticket Response Guarantee
When you open a ticket with us, you’ll get a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

Live Assistance Guarantee
Having trouble making something work? Our tech agents will help you on Skype and on Teamviewer / Ultraviewer to fix your problem.

You are our business. We take real good care of you.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will this work with any Wordpress site?

A. Yes, just about any. Even if you have customized the script in permissible manner or you have a custom version of Wordpress. As long as you can install plugins, it should work.

Q. Do I have to be technical to use this?

A. No, it’s made to be simple. We’ve done a deep study of the policy and requirements so you don’t have to.

Q. Will it be improved?

A. Yes, like any policy GDPR will evolve. Your purchase gives you one year of free upgrade. We will keep enhancing the plugin as required and you will get the upgrade.

Q. Will it work with future versions of Wordpress?

A. Yes, like we said, we will keep enhancing it as situation changes and you will get free upgrades for one year.

Q. Can I install it myself?

Sure! As long as you know enough Wordpress to install a Plugin you can do this. No need to hire a tech.

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