Wednesday, May 10, 2017

VIDGEOS OTO1 – Vidgeos Premium Slides Add On Review


Before You Access Your Vidgeos Account...

    You’re About To Discover The Easiest Way To Turn A 3%

    Conversion Rate Into A 15% Conversion Rate.

    • I’m going to be completely honest with you. The templates that come with Vidgeos
    (plus the 50 additional slides you’ll receive on this page) will help your videos convert like crazy.
    • They will work, right now. It’s guaranteed.
    • But next month? After 10,000 justmarketers  like you are using Vidgeos?
    • I can’t guarantee they are still going to work. That’s why...
    • We created the Vidgeos Premium Templates Club.

    • You know exactly why you just purchased Vidgeos…

    • It’s because what works is changing all the time. And if you don’t adapt to what’s changing, you’ll watch video engagement and conversion rates fall through the floor.

    • Fact: 6 months ago, you could get away with boring slideshow videos. Today? Not going to happen. Now, you’re about to take the Vidgeos challenge and watch your conversion rate soar thanks to smart elements, engaging animations, and proven video templates.

    • We’ve already packed Vidgeos with over 50 ready-to-use templates…

    • Now, we’re going to give you access to 100 more slides AND 40 additional slides each and every month.

    Marketing Teaser Videos
    You want to get thousands of people gearing ready to buy your product before you even launch? Then you need a teaser video. This is what we use to do over $400,000 in the first day of launching one of our previous products. We provide you with the latest designs & templates ready to sell your products!

    Smart Devices Pack
    Want to professionalise your videos to the max? Then you need this pack of animated Apple devices to add smart elements onto as well as just add a touch of class to your video production.

    Slide Builder 1.0
    Instantly select the slide you want and add it to your canvas to fully customise it to your hearts content! These are beautifully designed slides with the most modern designs and styles.

    PLUS Every Month, We'll send You 40 New Slides

    If you act today, you'll get 100 additional high-converting slides to use right away built for Vidgeos and ready to send your conversions skyrocketing. Plus you'll also receive 40 new slides each and every month for just $27 per month.
    • With the 40 slides you receive as part of your monthly membership fee. 
    • You can take advantage of the countless proven-to-convert template styles we've tested. tweaked, and re-tweaked so you only get the best marketing templates delivered directly into your Vidgeos account... 
    • You'll always be"ahead of the game" using known to convert slides that work with practically every single niche available. You're never going to fall behind the ball again and end up with a boring video 
    • You will get access to the same slide template styles l trust with my top launches. Until now. I've never done this before. and this will give you the edge making it easier for you use and profit from
    • And guarantee you'll save even more time figuring out what works and what doesn't work, because I've already created the high-converting slides you're about to receive rig inside your vidgeos account.